GLOBAL Advisory Board

GLOBAL's advisory board consists of potato industry, state and federal regulatory, and academic individuals who have volunteered their time and efforts. We thank them!

  • Bill Brewer, Oregon Potato Commission
  • Russ Bulluck, USDA APHIS PPQ
  • David Chitwood, PhD, USDA ARS
  • Lorin Clinger, potato grower
  • Tina Gresham, PhD, USDA APHIS PPQ
  • Russell Ingham, PhD, Oregon State University
  • Andrew Jensen, PhD, Northwest Potato Research Consortium
  • Jonathan M. Jones, USDA-APHIS
  • Daniel Kepich, USDA-APHIS
  • Patrick Kole, JD, Idaho Potato Commission
  • Ryan Krabill, United States Potato Board
  • James LaMondia, PhD, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Brian Marschman, USDA APHIS PPQ
  • John Pickup, PhD, Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture
  • Bryan Searle, potato grower
  • Andrea Skantar, PhD, USDA ARS
  • Alan Westra, Idaho Crop Improvement Association
  • Melanie Wickham, Empire State Potato Growers, Inc.