Delphine Eoche-Bosy

Delphine Eoche-Bosy
PhD Student
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

Unité Mixte de Recherche, Institut de Génétique, Environnement et Protection des Plantes
Domaine de la Motte, BP 35327
35653 Le Rheu cedex - France

Delphine Eoche-Bosy is working toward her PhD in Biology-Agronomy. Her research project is focused on the identification of the molecular basis of Globodera pallida adaptation to the resistance from Solanum vernei, through the use of genome scans on experimentally evolved populations. As part of the GLOBAL project, she performs a genotyping-by-sequencing approach on pools of individuals in order to enhance her investigations.

Delphine is from France, where she received a BSc in Biology of Organisms and a MSc in Functional, Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology from the University of Rennes. During the course of her studies she also interned at the Research Unit “Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Evolution” in Rennes, focusing on the variations in life history traits and foraging strategies in parasitoids. 

Professional Degree